Web Developer / Artist


Yonseo pronounced (YOH-UN-SAY-OH) is a student in computer science pushing his creativity further in the digital world. A self-taught artist with art that portrays an artificial smile on a gloomy day. Yonseos works are a fusion of 3D modeling, traditional illustration, sculpture, and digital art. His unconventional approach to art gives his unusual aesthetic.



Inspired by Japanese comics and animation I began drawing in the manga style. I watched and researched the art of creating manga and kept pushing myself to become a better artist. Instead of using a g-pen (a popular ink pen for manga) I quickly jumped on to creating digital art where I could ink, color, paint, and draw. As I learned more about manga I took notice of ball jointed dolls and how they resembled manga/anime characters in a 3D dimensional form. I ventured into sculpting and tried several types of clays including super sculpey, chavant nsp, cx5, and magic sculpt. During my studies I learned about digital sculpting which appeared increasingly more dificult than traditional clay sculpture.


I decided to eat at a local korean restaraunt where I found this amazing flavor called 'Cold Noodle'. As I drew and listened to k-pop I created a charcater that would later push me into 3D animation. That character was called 'Kim', and so I created a project called 'Kim-Bap' where I would learn for the first time how to do 3D animation by myself.

Bitten by a Bug

I realized that the animation process was a lot more involved than just rigging and animating. There needed to be storyboards, sounds, voice actors,shading and rendering. I kept drawing and using 3D software and slowly learning all the intricacies of 3D. I wrote a rigging book called 'YRK Rigging in Modo', it was originally my own study notes and I released this book online for free to help others learn how to rig.

Today I enjoy a fusion of traditional illustration and digital art in both 3D and 2D form. It's like I have been bitten by a bug and I can't stop the creative process.

Web Development

I took interest in web development as a result of automating tasks in Modo's software. I put python into practice and developed a custom pallette for my most used tools. With python scripting I was able to automate repetetive tasks such as setting up bezier curves to control polygonal hair as seen in this video.

I was placed in an environment with endlesspossibilities and I continued to study php and web development. As a result I became a full stack web developer combining my artistic skills to front end projects and making functional applications on the backend.

Taiyaki Studio

Today all of my software work is produced under Taiyaki Studio, a software development brand I created to publish my applications as well as work with others on projects.

Taiyaki Studio currently has 2 members and we work hard to create web applications and not limit ourselves to be creative.

Tool of Choice


  • PHP
  • Python
  • html
  • css
  • javascript
  • mvc frameworks


  • Modo by Foundry
  • Blender
  • 3Dcoat
  • Nvil 3D
  • Clip Studio Paint Ex
  • Krita
  • Gamemaker Studio 2
  • Active State Komodo
  • Sublime Text


  • Magic Sculpt
  • mechanical pencil .7, .9
  • drawing pad 17inx14in 80lb
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