Blender Rigging Tutorial Coming for 2.8

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Blender will launch 2.8 candidate by October officially updating their python API. Their new version will create a modern and streamlined application that many users have been waiting for. For many 3D artists blender has been the go to app for 3D Independent Animation and film making. Because of its free price tag its a convenient way to create and produce projects with zero budget. Although blender has been around for a while, other 3D apps such as MODO by Foundry, NewTek Lightwave, and Cinema 4D have been at the forefront for independent and freelance creators bringing a modern user interface and user friendly tools right out of the box. It’s applications like these that make creators such as MdotStrange a powerhouse animation studio. But one thing blender has over all other apps is an all in one solution. While many other applications provide support for extensions and plug-ins for render engines, hair systems, compositing, and more, blender is built from the ground up to include these features internally. What makes blender unique is not only it’s powerful foundation but the open source community.

What blender brings in 2.8 is the much needed user interface update and a modern streamlined workflow to catch up to the other paid apps that have been doing it well. While other apps are paid to use there’s always a possibility that development will stop one day leaving long time Messiah Studio users in the dust. In blender anyone around the world can code and develop adding value to blender and providing great tools for the community.

If you haven’t used blender before or still hesitating to jump on board and ditch your old 3D application, don’t!

Blender is a great 3D application and with a great 3D application comes a great tool. Each tool serves a purpose and adding Blender to your 3D pipeline will benefit you in the long run. Many paid apps still have an edge over Blender and they do some things exceptionally better than Blender. The possibilities of technology is endless and there will come a day when we don’t have to use controls to move a character rig like we do now. The thing is, we don’t know where the new tech is going to appear first, it may be in blender it may not. It could appear on a paid application, so don’t sweat it. Keep your old app and pickup a new tool and learn blender.

That’s what I did, the current video is created in Blender 2.79. The series is created for the purpose of teaching myself rigging in blender and as an independent animator, I wanted to share with others how to do it, however with 2.8 around the block I will have to update this series, so for now enjoy the first video of my rigging tutorial.

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