The Future of Manga Illustration

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I wanted to talk about the future of manga illustrations and the steps an artist can take to advance their craft. Whether you’re a new manga artist just starting out or a professional, the manga medium doesn’t end in black and white, there’s more out there.

Manga Teams

To a mangaka (a professional manga artist) having manga assistants to help in the creation of comics is known. The creator must have a few successful series to afford paying assistants. Some mangaka do not have assistants which means they do everything on their own, the sketching, drawing, paneling, wording. It can be a lot of work for one person, but having a manga team is ideal.

What about 3D art in manga? sure it’s been done before. Use a 3D model to pose and in a few seconds you have a basic manga page. Let’s take it a step further, if manga teams could perform like an animation studio, would it benefit the team in the long run? I definitely think so.

3D Art in Comics

To a person who just started out drawing manga, the 3D realm can be used by one person. 3D art can take care of consistent coloring, shading, line art, poses, perspective, and backgrounds, as well as items or props. In an animation studio these things are ingrained and expected, but for a manga artist this can be a daunting task. However the learning curve in 3D is not as steep as you think. With a whole team behind a manga, a 3D studio can benefit the manga industry in many ways.

The Future of Manga

If manga artists were open to the idea of using the technology behind animation films then the manga industry can push further to develop and improve this medium. In this video I describe some of the things being used in 3D and 2D to bring together a workflow and an idea that can be used to advance the manga craft.


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