What drew me into Animation in CG

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At this moment of writing I am a computer science student. I enjoy computers and art. Animation is a perfect combination of those things. I am a self taught 3D animator, when I found Modo (a 3D application by Foundry) I was instantly amazed. The power of animation for a single user is something I thought was impposible. Like many applications it takes practice and patience to study and learn every aspect of 3D. What made me want to use Modo over other 3D applications was it’s design and approach to 3D.

The Community

The greatest part of working in 3D is the tutorials and documentation available out there. I find that every artist, programmer, and user that uses a 3D application contributes to the world something that does’nt exist.

That is what a community is all about, that is where content grows. If it were not for those users there would be not much information on what we do. For 3D applicaitons the community is a big part of working in a 3D application.

Everyone needs a little help at some point or another. Pixel Fondue is one place that provides an incredible amount of information in a compact video. It’s quick and time efficient which is what alot of videos lack today.

Having to sit through hours upon hours of videos just to digest the learning material of something you don’t know. When it’s that extensive you also have to review the material and write your own notes.


Videos are the best way to learn something in 3D, afterall we are creators in a 3D application. The downside of videos is the time involved compared to documentation or reading a blog post.

If you needed to reference something quickly you don’t want to skip through an hour long video. A solution I have found to this small problem is a hybrid of documentation and tutorials.

When it comes to writing notes and studying 3D I find that plain text simply is’nt enough. So I wrote an entire tutorial in a hybrid documentation and tutorial medium.

Rigging in Modo

Checkout this free digital book I wrote on 3D rigging in Modo for Animation.


Laika, Pixar, Disney, Frederator, Tim Burton and many have been an inspiration. What drew me to it was the traditional side of animation. Stop motion animation in films such as Coraline and Kubo. Creating things with your hands. Since then computers have made things much faster but stop motion animation films have proved they are on par as far as quality. With render engines trying to replicate real life as much as possible. You can’t render anything better than real life, but technology has proved otherwise with filters, effects and non-realistic rendering.

Who came before?

If you don’t know him, Mdot Strange is a one man animation studio. Hes had several feature films, music albums, and has done quite a bit in his time. He’s always busy making something or working on something. His talks provide a lot of information you wouldn’t know otherwise about film unless you made one yourself. He also touches on whether film making or animation is a good career path for you. From what I gathered the answer to that question is “You don’t know”. You don’t know whether you’re going to be good at film making, You don’t know whether you’re going to be good at music, you can’t know beforehand. So the question is always ‘Should I invest in this?’. You have to do it yourself. If you don’t do it you will never know. It’s like standing at the edge of a pool because the water is too cold to go in. There’s always that thought that maybe your’e missing out on a lot, but if you’re not made for it then it’s a good idea you decided to stay.


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